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New Summer Cordura Denim Short

We've been working on a new summer denim short for a while now and we're glad tosay it's now ready, just in time for the hottest part of the year. Being a summer short,we've used a lightweight 305gsm denim (previous fabrics were around 430gsm) andshortened the length to a 47cm outleg (M/32. LoPros are 56cm) which will sit comfortably abovethe knee, perfect for all you euros cultivating the summer tan line.The biggest change however, is the use of Cordura denim which uses a 17% T420 InvistaNylon fibre which will increase the short's durability 4x over 100% cotton. We've uppedthe lycra content to 3% for even better mobility.

We've retained our previous technical features including the internal chamois, doubleexternal crotch layer, rear phone zip pocket and D-lock holder. We've learnt a few lessons on the way; what's worked and what hasn't; and refined the design to something we're extrememly happy with. We hope you will be too.

Cordura Flatlay

Cordura Detail 4

Cordura Detail 6

Cordura Detail 10

Cordura Lifestyle1

DATE 19 January 2014 Written by Creux Admin