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Dirty Deeds 2013 Tee & Jersey

It's starting to get a bit crisp now, which only means one thing, CX season! We're delighted to again be part of Australia's foremost urban CX series, Dirty Deeds Cyclocross. As part of our involvement, we're again producing the official DDCX tee, this time in Dazzling Blue. Artwork was produced by Simon Doran, who also did the 2012 version

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DATE 18 April 2013 Written by Creux Admin

Lucky #13

Whether you're superstitious or not, we just couldn't resist releasing this tee in 2013. If you need an explanation as to why #13 is upside down, have a look at rule #13 from the velominato guys below.

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DATE 12 March 2013 Written by Creux Admin

Vintage Merino Tees are here

We're delighted to announce that our two Merino Vintage tees have just landed. It's our very first 100% made in Australia product, from the fabric down to the flock transfers and printing. They feature a 3 panel designed based on the wool jerseys of yesteryear.

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DATE 13 February 2013 Written by Creux Admin

New S/S 13 Shorts

We're glad to finally announce that both our Panache and Detour Shorts have arrived. As per our Denim range, we've given the design a total revamp including an all new Chamois system that uses a proper 2mm chamois based on a custom mold. We've really spent our time refining and testing all the features so they really do withstand the rigors of riding.

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DATE 30 January 2013 Written by Creux Admin

Denim finally here!

Hallejulah they're finally here! Thanks for everyone's patience. We know you've been waiting a long time for them. Head over to the store and knock yourself out.

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DATE 18 December 2012 Written by Creux Admin
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